Who We Are

Cadame Co. is a team of artists who strive to produce artwork through multiple mediums, including immersive theatre performance, music, film and handcrafted visual art. Founders Melissa Ortiz, David Kayser and Cassandra Ambe continually seek to collaborate and extend their perspectives while producing work that remains accessible to the public.

Cassandra, a founder of Cadame Company


Cassandra works as a freelance artist, holding a B.A in Theatre Arts from the University of Nevada but continues to widen her skills in all forms of art including painting, devising theatre, dance and even scrapbooking/ DIY crafts. She is excited to continue to work with her creative team at Cadame Co. and collaborate with new artists by creating meaningful, accessible artwork that is relevant and representative of humanity and the community at large.

David, a founder of Cadame Company


David is a classically trained musician and freelance music composer. He holds a B.A. in Music Education from the University of Nevada, Reno and still loves learning as many artistic skills as he can. He hopes Cadame Co. will be able to expose many people to various forms of art and inspire others to create.

Melissa, a founder of Cadame Company


After pursuing her BFA in Theatre Performance at the University of Nevada, Melissa moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on her acting career. She loves to explore new mediums of expression in art, as well as continue developing her first passion of theatre. Her favorite pastimes are reading, baking and watching any sci-fi or fantasy she can get her hands on.


We create art that uncovers hidden parts of humanity and speaks to the unknown while allowing the viewer a chance to live within or beside it.

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